Friends-turned-lovers “Saphne” debuted in Season One.  

The antagonist-turned-lover “Kanthony” from Season Two turned up the heat.  

Benedict Bridgerton and the Cinderella-like Sophia Beckett would currently be in the spotlight if the popular Netflix series Bridgerton.

However, the Regency series’ makers have revealed that Colin Bridgerton and the unfriendly Penelope Featherington will take center stage in Season 3.  

The announcement was met with a range of responses. Although Penelope  has a large following, Season 2 made it clear that neither she nor Colin are yet mature enough to work together on an equal basis. 

For her part, Penelope has demonstrated that she is astute enough to maintain the Lady Whistledown scam’s ability to enrich her.  

She still craves acceptance from Eloise, Colin, the tonne, and her own family, though. 

Penelope is appreciative that she is in a relationship with a man who respects her, but Colin doesn’t act in a way that resembles a true friend. 

He completely takes Penelope’s presence in his life for granted because he is the subject of all their conversations. 

In our most improbable scenarios, Bridgerton’s creators permit a suitable time jump before Season 3.