Julia Quinn, the author of the romance series, will collaborate with Shonda Rhimes, to pen a brand-new prequel set in the Bridgerton universe.

According to Variety, the untitled new book series is based on the TV show's fictional world.

Additionally, it will be a remake of the forthcoming Netflix spinoff Bridgerton about a youthful Queen Charlotte. The tale of Charlotte's courtship and marriage to King George will be told in the book.

The book series will emphasise how their relationship sparked a social revolution that gave rise to the racially tolerant society shown in the Netflix original series.

The Bridgerton books' longstanding publisher, Avon Books, will release the new book.

The spinoff series' launch on Netflix, which has not yet been announced, will coincide with the release of the novels.

India In the popular Bridgerton series, Queen Charlotte, who is portrayed by Golda Rosheuval (Lady Macbeth), is younger and played by Ria Amarteifio (The Tunnel, Sex Education).

Her spouse King George is portrayed by Corey Mylchreest. Although the young queen is the series' central character, there will also be tales about a young Violet Ledger and a young Lady Danbury.

In recurring roles as Vivian Ledger and Lord Ledger in the Netflix prequel series, Katie Brayben and Kier Charles are also included in the cast.

The Netflix series is expected to premiere in 2023, and the Bridgerton offshoot novel will be published at the same time.