Brec Bassinger addresses the possibility of Stargirl season 4 happening on The CW, with season 3 set to officially premiere later this month. 

While The CW's DC TV shows have undergone a significant shakeup in 2022, superhero action is still a part of the network. Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and the most recent DC TV series, Naomi, were all cancelled by Nexstar-owned The CW earlier in 2022.

However, Gotham Knights, the upcoming DC TV drama, will debut in 2023, along with The Flash season 9 and Superman & Lois season 3.

The CW's fall schedule does include some DC TV content, as Stargirl season 3 debuts the following week after season 2 ended in 2021. The potential of a fourth season of Stargirl has been questioned by fans due to the network's significant changes.

Despite not being an official Arrowverse spinoff, the DC teen drama is nevertheless connected to the series because Crisis on Infinite Earths designated it as the new Earth-2.

Jay Garrick from The Flash, played by John Wesley Shipp, also made an appearance in Stargirl season 2 as the same version from Earth-Prime, making him the first member of the Arrowverse to aid in bridging the two planets.

The third season of Stargirl, which recently wrapped up production, has a 13-episode order and will premiere in August and run until the end of 2022. A renewal has not yet been announced because it will be decided later in the season as a result -of The CW's recent sale.

The 23-year-old star remains coy, but praises showrunner Geoff Johns, stating that he "protected us either way." 

Hopefully, Stargirl season 3's ratings will be strong enough to persuade The CW to order a fourth season, if not just to finish the series.