1 "I Did It For Me"

Walt defends his actions by assuring himself that he is merely acting in the best interests of his family during the whole run of Breaking Bad.

2 "F**k You And Your Eyebrows"

Because of the way Bogdan was written, it was really challenging not to despise him. He treated his workers like slaves and lacked any compassion whatsoever.

3 "Tread Lightly"

Prior to Hank's moment of realization, he and Walt had enjoyed a great friendship 

4 "If You Believe That There's A Hell"

The seventh episode of season five contains maybe one of the more overt instances of how Walt manipulates Jesse to suit his purposes.

5 "I Could Have Saved Her"

When Jane started choking, Walt chose not to step in, and the results are fairly disastrous. The tragic plane crash caused by Jane's distraught father also causes Jesse to experience a severe depression.

6 "I'm In The Empire Business"

In the course of the narrative, Walt makes more money than he could possibly hope to spend. He no longer needs to cook, yet instead of riding off into the sunset, he still cooks.

7 "I Won"

Walt is given the notion that he is forming a relationship when he initially consents to work with Gustavo Fring. But as season three goes on, it quickly becomes clear that this isn't the case at all.

8 "Run"

The show's final two episodes of season three are among its best, but the highlight occurs right at the conclusion of the penultimate episode. Viewers are forced to witness as Jesse creeps closer to his own demise while high on drugs and eager for vengeance.

9 "I Am The One Who Knocks"

Skyler still views Walt as the same pitiful pushover that he was before he started cooking, despite the fact that Walt is well aware of his potential. Of course, it helps that she still doesn't know a lot about her husband at this stage.

10 "Say My Name"

Throughout the first four seasons of the programme, Walt's Heisenberg persona gradually gains strength, but it is not until season five that it fully takes control.