Bradley Cooper revealed he was ridiculed by a renowned chief for having seven Oscar nominations.

Cooper said the incident occurred after the honor time of his film, 'A Star Is Born,' when he went to a party.

The chief who ridiculed ‘The Hangover star was additionally present at the party. 

Cooper was joined by a companion and an entertainer who likewise had three Oscar selections, at the occasion. 

The chief derided Cooper and said, “What world would we say we are residing in where you have 7 selections and she’s just got three?” 

Cooper admitted that he wanted to ask the chief, “Brother, for what reason are you such a butt hole?” He added, “I could never… disregard that.”

Cooper has also faced such comments in the past.

Cooper said that one time a ‘female entertainer’ taunted him for seizing his most memorable Oscar designation for the film, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ featuring Jennifer Lawrence.

Cooper emphasized that the lady said, “I saw your film. You deserve the nom.” Later when the entertainer passed the lady while going to the washroom, the lady again mouthed the words ‘The nom’.