Bradley Cooper reacted angrily to the filmmaker who insulted him for his Oscar nominations.

Bradley Cooper is someone that, no matter what genre he’s working in, you can count on a terrific performance.

If you’re a comedy enthusiast, you may have first seen him in Wet Hot American Summer or The Hangover, but he’s proven himself with his work time and time again. 

That isn’t to say that Hollywood is ready to appreciate Cooper’s abilities. 

Cooper said on the “SmartLess” podcast that a prominent filmmaker insulted his Oscar nominations, and that after being nominated for Silver Linings Playbook, a famous actress stared at him and declared that he deserved the “nom.” 

He told the podcast hosts, “I’m like, ‘Bro, why are you such an asshole?'” “I’m never fucking forgetting it.” “Go fuck yourself,” says the narrator.  

Cooper has received several nominations for his efforts as a producer, director, and writer for films such as A Star Is Born, ranging from Best Supporting Actor to Best Actor to Best Picture.  

Cooper was then nominated for three Academy Awards for his performance in A Star Is Born, including Best Actor, Best Picture, and Best Adapted Screenplay.  

To the director’s remark about the lady who has received less nominations than Cooper, it is not Cooper’s issue. 

The lesson here is that people aren’t always nice, and Cooper remembers individuals who chastised him for receiving attention for his job.