The lead role in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Bullitt film has been cast actor Bradley Cooper.  

Based on the 1963 novel Mute Witness by Robert L. Fish, the Peter Yates-helmed movie starred Steve McQueen as Detective Frank Bullitt.

Bullitt received high praise from critics when it was first released, but its fame has only grown over the years since it has possibly the greatest car chase in movie history. 

Cooper has been cast as Detective Frank Bullitt in Spielberg’s next film based on the character, according to Deadline.  

The movie won’t be a remake of the legendary 1968 movie; instead, it will tell an entirely new tale based on the hard-boiled cop.  

Josh Singer, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Spotlight, has been chosen to write the script. 

Cooper and Spielberg have tried to collaborate before and have known each other for years.  

For a limited period of time, the actor was working with the filmmaker on the critically acclaimed military movie American Sniper.  

Three months into the production, Spielberg withdrew, leaving renowned actor-director Clint Eastwood to take over and produce a movie.

Cooper’s career is just going up, therefore the future collaboration is sure to be a thrilling success.