Born Again Daredevil Resumes Production

After a protracted break, the MCU project resumes production in an effort to maintain Echo's momentum.

With a fresh focus on television programming, Marvel Studios is entering 2024 with a renewed emphasis on Daredevil: Born Again. 

Following the triumph of Echo, a criminal drama starring deaf and Indigenous anti-heroine Maya Lopez, the studio is preparing for the rebirth of Daredevil's narrative, which will resume production on Monday following a break.

Returning to the project as the second unit director and stunt coordinator is Philip Silvera, well known for his work as fight and stunt coordinator on the Netflix adaptation of Daredevil.

 This action highlights how Born Again has changed significantly, going from a legal procedure to adopting a dark and violent tone evocative of its critically praised previous series.

The choice also prioritizes a return to low-key heroism while reducing the use of complex and expensive visual effects

Daredevil's summertime production in New York was put on hold because of the writers' and performers' strike

. A change in creative direction resulted from Marvel management using this chance to reevaluate the series.