Critics and social media users have had varied reactions to Andrew Dominick’s Blonde.  

A Netflix film with subpar reviews is frequently in the top place, as was the case with Queen Latifah’s End of the Road.

After its first release, Blonde was the #1 trending movie on Netflix, but it took a Gerard Butler movie three days to push it to #3. 

One day following Blonde’s debut, on September 29, Blonde topped the list of trending movies, followed by Lou and Tyler Perry’s A Jazzman’s Blues. 

It remained there until October 2nd, when Last Seen Alive overtook Blonde for the top spot, with Blonde coming in second and Simon Pegg and Lily Collins’ Inheritance coming in third. 

On October 3rd, Blonde dropped to number three a tiny bit, Inheritance rose to second, and Last Seen Alive remained in first. 

Another Netflix film with a low rating but a top place on Netflix’s trending list would be Last Seen Alive.  

Based on nine reviews, the most recent Gerard Butler film about a man searching desperately for his missing wife has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 11%.  

The thriller Inheritance received poor reviews and has a 24% score on Rotten Tomatoes with a 33% audience score.

Despite these poor scores, it’s obvious that Netflix subscribers want to see a fantastic thriller.