BLINKs can’t stop talking about BLACKPINK’s Jisoo aka Kim Jisoo, who turned 28 today. 

Happy Birthday Jisoo has been trending globally on Twitter, with fans consistently sharing adorable photos and videos of everyone’s favourite K-pop idol. 

Jisoo is a popular K-pop idol who also works as an actress, singer, and global brand ambassador.  

With their wishes and messages, fans have taken turns making the K-pop idol’s birthday extra special. 

Her sophisticated fashion sense did not go unnoticed by her fans, who took to social media to praise the idol for it.  

Jisoo, for her part, surprised her fans by launching her own YouTube channel on her birthday. 

On her birthday, at midnight KST, the K-pop star celebrated by uploading her first video to her brand new solo YouTube channel.  

According to the description of this new video, the proceeds from the ‘happiness Jisoo 103%’ channel will be donated to charities. 

She wishes for everyone’s happiness to reach new heights. Jisoo’s fans and audience have praised her for this wise initiative, with many people wishing her a happy birthday.  

Fans fully support this channel and its ability to provide a more in-depth look into BLACKPINK’s life.