Wakanda Forever, explained how the late Chadwick Boseman, the franchise’s eponymous hero, has been remembered through the use of white attire in the next sequel. 

Boseman hailed as a real-life hero across the world sadly passed away two years ago after a fight with colon cancer. 

The decision’s significance has been emphasized by the Academy Award-winning costume designer, who also oversaw the designs for the costumes in the first movie.  

In an interview with Variety, Carter explained that when T’Challa awakens in the ancestral plane and meets his father, the man is dressed in white. 

We selected white because it links us to Chadwick and T’Challa. White is a color that is frequently used in funerals in Africa. 

Carter’s brilliance is shown to viewers in the teaser for the much-anticipated Marvel blockbuster.  

In the opening scene, a legion of Wakanda’s inhabitants, all clad in white, are led through the streets by Queen Ramondaand her daughter Shuri. 

Shuri is shown holding the Black Panther mask in stunning cinematography, its color standing out against the sea of white behind her. 

The project’s teasers haven’t been bashful in hinting that T’Challa’s death would be a primary emphasis, even though finer narrative specifics have been stashed safely away in the metaphorical Marvel vault.  

Now that T’Challa has passed away, it is evident that Wakanda will grieve his passing.