Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is about to be released. The DC movie has been in the works for years and finally hits theaters next week. 

In the comics, Black Adam is usually pitted against Captain Marvel (now renamed Shazam) and sometimes directly against Superman himself.  

Many fans wondered if Superman would also be credited in the film, or if Henry Cavill would reprise the role.Well, judging by the post-credits scene, both things happen. 

A short 30-second scene that appears to have been shot at a screening somewhere shows Black Adam conversing with Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis in The Suicide Squad).  

The fog spreading before him reveals Superman, played by Henry himself, saying, “It’s been a while since anyone made the world nervous like this.” Mann’s next line is drowned out. 

Henry’s return could mean big news for DC as the star is a fan favorite, but he reportedly gave up playing Superman some time ago. He was last seen for a role in Justice League. 

There were rumors that he would return as a superhero forever, but neither the studio nor the actor have confirmed it.