Billie Eilish talked openly about her self-hatred and acknowledged that she struggled with her body throughout her adolescence. 

She also revealed that she had complex feelings about her bod at the age of 13. 

Billie claimed that she harboured excessive resentment toward her body and that the hip growth plate damage that followed drastically altered her quality of life. 

Eilish had dreams of becoming a dancer before the 2015 release of “Ocean Eyes,” but those dreams were dashed after her accident.  

The singer claimed that for years she felt as though her body was attempting to mislead her, and it took her some time to realise.

The GRAMMY-winning singer explained that the accident really sparked a priceless epiphany in her life, forcing her to give up dancing in order to pursue music full-time. 

The singer has, however, spoken about her body before because her fashion choices and problems with body image have been a hot topic for a while.  

In a 2021 interview with The Guardian, Eilish discussed her “terrible relationship with her body.” 

She stated that during performances, she must “disassociate from the ideas she hasof her body” in order to avoid having her performance suffer.  

She discussed wearing larger clothing during the interview because it is simpler for her to move in them without exposing her physique, which may be “very unpleasant.”