BIGHIT MUSIC has revealed fresh conceptual images for Jimin's forthcoming solo album, FACE, showcasing his gentle style 

In the initial image, Jimin can be seen lying on a white couch dressed in a white undershirt and trousers 

In the next image, Jimin is posing in a similar manner, but he looks more relaxed and has a scar on his face 

The final picture displays Jimin's delicate features from multiple angles, demonstrating his soft and gentle style 

Jimin shared the 'Hardware ver.' concept image of his debut solo album 'FACE' on BTS's official social media accounts 

The 'Hardware ver.' accentuates Jimin's determination to face himself and start a new artistic journey 

The 'FACE' concept photograph includes various layouts to exhibit Jimin's multiple facets and true persona as an artist 

Jimin's upcoming solo album 'FACE' will release on March 24 and will tell the story of confronting oneself and starting afresh as an artist 

The leading single, 'Like Crazy,' is a synth-pop melody that highlights Jimin's mournful vocal tone amid powerful synth and drum sounds 

Jimin's self-written track, 'Promise,' achieved a remarkable feat by topping the iTunes 'Top Song' chart in 51 countries worldwide, underscoring his global fame