Producer of The Big Bang Theory Steve Molaro disproves a rumour that Penny's last name was covertly revealed on the show.

Penny, portrayed by Kaley Cuoco, was the only female member of the original cast of the show. Penny experienced a lot during the 12-season course of The Big Bang Theory, both personally and professionally.

By the end of the series, Penny had a successful job and a growing family with her husband, Leonard.

While The Big Bang Theory portrayed her transformation from a struggling actress to a career woman who is happily married, there is one aspect of the character that the comedy omitted from its discussion.

Before she married Leonard, Penny's maiden name was never made public by CBS. But according to a fan belief, the comedy solved this mystery covertly after recognising Penny Teller's name on a parcel that she got on the show.

They "became anxious, superstitious, and giving her [a last name]," according to what they said. As a result, the information remained a mystery until The Big Bang Theory finished.

They believed that the lack of an official determination as to what it is made it irrelevant to the plot of the sitcom. In any case, besides piqueing people's curiosity, she and the broader plot of the show are unaffected by not solving the riddle.

To be fair, fans aren't the only ones who are interested in finding out Penny's last name.

Kaley Cuoco acknowledged that it was one of the issues she wanted remedied before The Big Bang Theory ended, along with the elevator that had been broken for so long being mended.