Beyoncé Unveils New Country Album's Official Title  

Act II: Cowboy Carter is Beyoncé's upcoming country album, which she has teased to her fans and is set to release on March 29.  

Beyonce revealed the news on Instagram, teasing a change from her last album Renaissance with a picture of a western saddle.  

Beyoncé's disco-themed Renaissance album cover gave way to a western aesthetic in the picture, suggesting a change in her creative direction.   

On Beyoncé's website, where fans can view alternate artwork that has the Grammy-winning performer in a black cowboy hat and blonde braids, the saddle image also takes center stage.  

Act II: Cowboy Carter started when Beyoncé teased the album in a Verizon ad during the Super Bowl. Not too long afterward, she teased the upcoming project on social media.   

The country motif was further solidified with the publication of two songs, Texas Hold 'Em and 16 Carriages, both of which peaked at the top of the Hot Country Songs chart.  

Beyoncé's new album has a title that many fans don't like, and they've expressed their unhappiness with both the name and the cover image.   

Beyoncé has reached a historic milestone in her career with this incredible accomplishment, which makes her the first Black female artist to ever hold the top spot on the country chart.   

Cowboy Carter's specifications are still unknown, however there are suggestions that the tracklist would include a rendition of Dolly Parton's timeless song Jolene.