10/10First Strike - 7.9

In a previous episode, Kai betrayed the Beybreakers in order to steal the Black Dranzer from Boris and undergo BioVolt experimentation in order to grow more powerful.

9/10When In Rome… Beyblade - 8.0

To watch the Beyblade World Tag Team Championships, the heroes travel to Rome. All of the teams are present and prepared to play, but it is quickly apparent that one of them is lying.

8/10Beybattle For The Ages - 8.0

The White Tiger X crew encounters Mystel, an enigmatic stranger who has been skulking in the woods close to their base of operations.

7/10A Wicked Wind Blows - 8.0

Ray must face Bryan at the World Beyblade Finals, where White Tiger X is present. Bryan is notorious for using some fairly foul tactics to get the upper hand, but Ray is truly put on the defensive by his unique attack, which includes the ability to generate wind around his Beyblade.

6/10Breaking The Ice - 8.1

Because he believes he will be more powerful on his own, Kai has betrayed his teammates. He has now invited them to a frozen lake where he plans to engage them in a Beybattle to demonstrate how much stronger he is than they are.

5/10New & Cyber-Improved - 8.1

Tala of the Demolition Boys must contend with Tyson. Sadly, Boris has experimented on Tala, giving him the Beyblade equivalent of steroids and rendering him wildly unstable and dangerous.

4/10Beyblade Idol - 8.2

The Beyblade Battle Association (BBA) has been advertising Beyblade all around the world. The BBA had plans to sell the business, but the chairman, Mr. Dickenson, was too focused on the World Championships to be aware of them, and as a result, they are now the BEGA League.

3/10A Knight To Remember! - 8.3

Tyson feels ashamed that he lost a Beybattle to Robert, so the Beybreakers go to Robert's castle. He is now looking for a chance to exact revenge on Robert for the defeat.

2/10Brooklyn’s Back! - 8.4

One of the most bizarre Beyblade uses in any episode of the series may be found in this one. When Tyson and Brooklyn square up, Brooklyn is already quite extraordinarily strong.

1/10Final Showdown! -  8.5

It makes sense that the episode of the series that features the World Beyblading Championship finals had the highest rating.