1. Blinding Lights 

It's simple to forget that Blinding Lights didn't become an overnight sensation; it debuted at Number 12 and took nine weeks to move up to Number 1 to become his first UK chart-topper.

2. Starboy (2016)  

The Weeknd's third album's title track, which contrasts with Daft Punk's stuttering electropop production, incorporates typical Weeknd cliches about the negative aspects of fame and stardom.

3. The Hills (2015) 

The Hills is a mesmerising, sonically daring contemplation on celebrity, passion, and narcotics that draws inspiration from horror.

4. Can't Feel My Face (2015) 

Can't Feel My Face marked the beginning of a significant change in The Weeknd's course.

5. Earned It (2015) 

Earned It was a perfect fit for the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack thanks to its opulent violins and classical undertones.

6. I Feel It Coming with Daft Punk (2016) 

His fourth UK Top 10 single, I Feel It Coming, was compared to Michael Jackson during the disco era as well as Daft Punk's 2013 global hit Get Lucky.

7. Save Your Tears (2020) 

Save Your Tears, The Weeknd's most recent addition to his Top 10 songs of all time, has been firmly entrenched in his hall of fame.

8. Often (2014) 

The trap-influenced song Often, which is the lead single from his second album Beauty Behind The Madness and features a sample of the Turkish singer Nükhet Duru's Ben Sana Vurgunum,.

9. Call Out My Name (2018) 

After 2016's pop-centric Starboy, the trailer single from The Weeknd's My Dear Melancholy EP served as a reminder of his alt-R&B roots.

10. Love Me Harder with Ariana Grande (2014) 

The Weeknd's collaboration with Ariana Grande, Love Me Harder, even if it didn't reach the Top 40, was one of the crucial turning moments in his transition from cult favourite to popular celebrity, combining his dark R&B sound to this intensely heated midtempo banger.