Superman Vs Lobo Was An Epic Sci-Fi Comedy

Superman vs. Lobo is exactly what it sounds like: a science-fiction comedy where the Man of Steel and The Main Man spar wittily.

Superman Red & Blue Was A Shockingly Consistent Anthology

The only colour scheme used in the serialised anthology series Superman: Red & Blue was black, white, red, and blue.

Robert Vendetti Crafted The Perfect Model For A Modern Superman Run

For DC's most current digital-first Superman series, Robert Vendetti authored all eleven issues, which are collected in the graphic novel Superman: The Man of Tomorrow: Hero of Metropolis.

Superman Vs Lobo Was An Epic Sci-Fi Comedy

Tom King is an intriguing candidate for a character as well-adjusted as Superman because he has built a career out of figuring out the psychology of superheroes.

Family Adventures Is The Perfect All Ages Superhero Comic

The perfect gift for a youngster who likes Superman is Superman: Family Adventures, by co-writer and artist Art Baltazar and co-writer Franco Aureliani.

Superman ’78 Is A Worthy Sequel To The Landmark Film

Superman: The Motion Picture, which both elevates and faithfully adapts its original material, continues to serve as the model for superhero origin stories in film.

Superman Vs Imperious Lex Was A Satirical Space Saga

In Superman vs. Imperious Lex, the Flintstones' creative duo of writer Mark Russel and artist Steve Pugh gave DC's top superhero their distinctive mix of current satire, outrageous humour, and outlandish science fiction.

American Alien Chronicled Key Moments In Clark Kent's Development

In Superman: American Alien, Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis incorporated a number of new aspects to Superman's early years.

Superman & The Authority Was A Comic Rockstar's DC Swan Song

In November 2022, Superman & The Authority will be collected, and the wait will be well worth it.

Superman Smashes The Klan Will Be On The Top Of Every List

One of the most brilliant selections DC has ever made for the cover of its flagship Superman comic is the critically regarded cartoonist Gene Luen Yang.