The fourth season of Stranger Things tops Netflix’s list of the “Most Popular TV Show In 2022.”  

Pre-release buzz for the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon was intense, but it far exceeded everyone’s expectations with top-notch acting, writing, and production standards that delighted GOT fans.  

One of the best scripted television shows, Better Call Saul, has returned for a sixth season to rave reviews and ratings from viewers. 

The creators of The Lord of the Rings created the Rings of The Power trilogy as a follow-up to the HOTD prelude to Game of Thrones. 

HBO’s “Euphoria” returned in January to nearly double the number of viewers it had in its first season. 

With 919 million minutes views in the United States, The Boys season 3 has experienced a meteoric rise in streaming ratings from Nielsen.  

The specifics of what that means are somewhat difficult to interpret, but the overall impression is that Moon Knight has done quite well. 

After its August debut, Sandman immediately surpassed all other TV shows on Netflix in every country.  

In the most recent Top 10 rankings from Nielsen, “Ozark,” which received 2.6 billion minutes of viewing between April 25 and May 1, came in first place.  

The Shonda Rhimes limited series starring Julia Garner ended up increasing its viewership to 3.3 billion minutes during the week of February.