1. The Worst Person In The World

The monumental third film in Joachim Trier's Oslo Trilogy examines how our relationships with people fully shape who we become.

2. Fresh

In Mimi Cave's debut feature film, we see Nora (Daisy Edgar-Jones) struggle with online dating until meeting the charming and gorgeous Steve in a grocery store (Sebastian Stan).

3. Nightmare Alley

Del Toro crams Nightmare Alley with an excellent ensemble and a melancholy, gloomy sheen. With Nightmare Alley, Del Toro continues to explore the demons that reside inside regular people.

4. La La Land

 La La Land lures you into this fleeting, exquisite relationship that must inevitably come to an end.

5. Flee

Documentarian Jonas Poher Rasmussen assists his childhood friend Amin in telling the true story of his escape from Kabul in an animated non-fiction work by following him on a perilous journey to Russia.

6. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del  

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, a movie that sort of slipped under the radar, is one of the best movies of 2021 and one of the funnier comedies you'll see.

7. Black Swan

This movie is propelled by Natalie Portman's outstanding performance as Nina, a tortured but tenacious ballet dancer who is driven to the brink by her demanding tutor and mother.

8. Titane

In the movie Titane, a woman engages in sexual activity with an automobile, and she afterwards becomes pregnant.

9. Possessor

In addition to being among the finest films of 2020, Possessor is also among the top body horror films of the previous ten years.

10. Palm Springs

Two scumbags (played by Samberg and Milioti) who can't manage to leave their existence and are stuck with each other due to improbable circumstances are the subject of this excellent romantic comedy.