Good Will Hunting (1997)

On the condition that he attends sessions with a therapist who is truly ready to challenge him, a life-changing opportunity is provided to a troubled but tremendously bright young man (Matt Damon) from the tough streets of south Boston (Robin Williams).

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Show me the money, please. "You make me whole." I was hooked at hello. See the movie where these quotes were taken; you've heard them all before.

RockNRolla (2008)

This underappreciated crime comedy set in London features an all-star cast put together by Guy Ritchie. A shady real estate deal is orchestrated by an unscrupulous Russian billionaire, putting millions of pounds up for grabs and sending the entire underworld of London into a frenzy to get their hands on it.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

The dream of Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler), a local New Jersey wedding singer, has been to be married and he is currently engaged. At the reception hall where he works, he befriends Julia (Drew Barrymore), a new waitress.

Malcolm X (1992)

This epic Malcolm X biography, directed by Spike Lee, traces the renowned figure's transformation from a street brawler to one of the most admired and respected figures of the 20th century.

Michael Clayton (2007)

A famous New York City law practise hires George Clooney to play the title character, Michael Clayton, a "fixer," to manage the problem after one of the business's top attorneys experiences a mental breakdown.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

On vacation at the ski resort they all loved as kids, three alienated and miserable middle-aged pals (John Cusack, Rob Cordry, and Craig Robinson) get together.