A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The television series A Series of Unfortunate Events is for people who like their comedies to be dark and dry.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

The absurd sketch comedy troupe Monty Python are icons of British comedy.  

Man vs. Bee

Man vs. Bee gets everything of the Bean franchise's fantastic physical humour and adds some emotional depth for good measure.

Grace and Frankie 

Grace and Frankie reunited the 9 to 5 stars as a classic odd couple who are forced to live with each other after their husbands reveal that a they're gay.  

Derry Girls 

A charming comedy called Derry Girls follows five friends as they graduate from Catholic high school in Derry, Northern Ireland, at the conclusion of the Troubles in the mid-1990s.

Never Have I Ever 

Never Have I Ever is a humorous but heartfelt tale of what occurs after the American Dream that is mostly based on the author Mindy Kaling's high school experience.

Kim's Convenience 

Set in Toronto, the Korean Canadian Kim family run a little convenience store on a neighborhood block.  

Space Force 

It is appropriate to classify Steve Carell's work as a separate subgenre of comedy. All of Carell's projects feature his distinct style of humour, and this Netflix original dramedy is one of the best examples.

Chappelle's Show

The wonderful (and highly funny) sketch comedy series Chappelle's Show continues to be one of Dave Chappelle's best works.


Dan Harmon's comedy series Community is for you if you enjoy comedy with a meta-bent, lots of antics, and a slew of episodes that pay homage to classic films and TV shows.