King Kong (2005) 

A film crew travels to an island and encounter a giant named Kong, who is brought to New York and meetsa tragic fate. 

Underworld (2003) 

Vampire warrior Selene falls for a human in a war between vampires and werewolves, unraveling ancient conspiracies. 

Minority Report (2002) 

In a future where crimes can be predicted and prevented, a detective is accused of a future murder and fights to clear his name. 

Top Gun (1986) 

A hotshot pilot's skills and ego are challenged at the elite Top Gun academy, while he falls for his civilian instructor. 

Peppermint (2018) 

After her family is killed by drug lords, a woman seeks revenge and becomes a vigilante, targeting those responsible. 

Skyfall (2012) 

Bond returns to MI6 after an attack on the agency, facing a former agent with a vendetta against M. 

Collateral (2004) 

A hitman uses a taxi to carry out his killings in LA, with a driver caught up in his deadly mission. 

Enola Holmes (2020) 

Sherlock's sister Enola escapes school to find their missing mother, becoming a detective in her own right. 

Walking Tall (2004) 

A former soldier returns home to find his town overrun by crime, taking the law into his own hands.