Bella Hadid Fully Involves Herself In The Texas Way Of Life While Dating Adan Banuelos  

Bella Hadid and her partner, Adan Banuelos, are living the cowgirl lifestyle. Following their romantic involvement, Hadid relocated to Texas and jointly purchased a home with Banuelos.   

The model has been wearing bell-bottom pants and large hats with her wrangler ensembles ever since she moved to Texas.   

Hadid is rumored to have purchased a house in the city's Fort Worth neighborhood. The sources claim that although Bella's property is near metropolitan conveniences, it is located in a rural community.  

The model doesn't feel isolated from the contemporary world as a result.   

The model for Vogue's cover was once stationed in Los Angeles, as were her siblings, Gigi and Anwar Hadid, who work in comparable fields as Bella.  

Adan Banuelos, Bella Hadid's boyfriend, is a horse trainer who is mostly Mexican-American.  

The cowboy, who attained the age of 28, is the youngest inductee into the National Cutting Horse Association's (NCHA) Riders Hall of Fame.   

The father of Banuelos, who was also a cowboy, had acquired the same moniker from his time spent with the horses.  

The horse trainer "has already amassed over five million dollars in earnings aboard a horse," according to the cowboy's website. He is a mentor to the next generation of equestrian enthusiasts and the future of the performance horse business.