There have been numerous adaptations of Call My Agent! produced worldwide. Next up is the Korean adaption, which will start streaming on Netflix every week starting in November 2022 in most countries, including the US and the UK.

The critically acclaimed Call My Agent! was a popular French Netflix series that aired for four seasons.

It has already undergone an Indian remake in the shape of the 2021 television series Call My Agent: Bollywood, and a new Korean adaptation is already in the works.

“Agents at a talent agency handle tough personalities and office politics while maintaining the happiness of their celebrity clients and assisting them in shining.”

Ma Tae Oh, who “works as a professional manager and occupies the post of general director at Method Entertainment,” is the main character in the main narrative.

As part of a significant output agreement Netflix has with the network, the series first airs on tvN in South Korea before moving to Netflix.

According to MyDramaList, the first season will consist of 12 episodes, with two airing each week until mid-December 2022.