Kris Marshall will reprise his role as Humphrey Goodman in the starring role of Beyond Paradise, the spinoff of the BBC television series Death in Paradise

In the first three seasons of the show, Ben Miller’s Richard Poole, a detective for the London Metropolitan Police, investigates the death of a British police officer on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie. 

He assumes the role of the island’s official detective inspector after solving the crime.  

But in this detective show, things don’t last, and the remaining seasons follow a succession of cops who take over the duty on the island.  

 Neville Parker, the current DI officer, takes some time to get used to island life. 

After agent, Richard Poole’s passing in season three, DI agent Humphrey Goodman assumed command in Beyond Paradise

After leaving his employment on the island, Goodman returned to London to start a family with his lover, Martha Loyd.  

The uncomfortable and clumsy persona was a change from his poker-faced, opaque predecessor. This show will focus on his detective activities in London. 

Over the past few years, there have been numerous discussions about a spinoff. 

ITV’s Crime Season 2, Three Little Birds, Karen Pirie, BBC’s The Cleaner Season 2, Make it at Market, and other shows are among the ones set to go into production.