Barbie's America Ferrera 'Honored' To Have Received Her First Oscar Nomination But 'Disappointed' For Margot Robbie And Greta Gerwig

When the Oscar nominations were revealed on Tuesday, January 23, the Barbie actress America Ferrera was cuddled up in bed by herself, viewing her phone while her spouse, Ryan Piers Williams, drove their children to school.

“There was a moment where I wasn’t sure if I had made it up,” Ferrera told Variety. “And then my phone started blowing up so I figured that I must have heard it right.” 

After receiving her first Academy Award nomination for her role as Gloria in the $1.4 billion movie Barbie, America Ferrera is shocked. 

Ferrera tells Variety, "I'm still on like the top layer of 'I can't even believe that this is real,' so I haven't really been able to get in my feelings."

Her spouse Ryan Piers Williams contacted after her publicist had gotten in touch with her first. 

 He was yelling and distraught. And I heard my kids in the rear, looking really perplexed. Ferrera asked, "What are you screaming about?" She then received a call from Blake Lively, Amber Tamblyn, and Alexis Bledel, her co-stars in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

“They FaceTimed me as a group right away,” Ferrera continued. “It was hilarious and funny and emotional and it’s wonderful to be celebrated and held up by my sisters."  

"These women who I’ve had the honor of growing up with in this industry and being loved and cheered on and supported by them. Which we all do for each other. They’re amazing, and such a gift in my life.” 

“It’s an overwhelming amount of love and support and congratulations to me,” Ferrera added. “I feel it so deeply and am so grateful for their love and support and in this moment. 

"It’s been a long ‘Barbie’ journey — I mean longer even for Greta and Margot and Noah, it’s been years and years and years — everyone’s really excited that we get to celebrate and to end this journey at the biggest party of the year.”"