Stephen Lang would be playing Colonel Miles Quaritch in the upcoming sequel to Avatar. 

In an exclusive interview with Empire Magazine, the actor provided further information about his return to the role.

 On December 16, Avatar: The Way of Water debuts exclusively in theatres. 

The antagonist from the previous movie, who was killed by two arrows to the chest, will make a reappearance in the sequel as a Recombinant.

. The movie will feature an entire army of avatar troops prepared for fight, so the character won’t be returning on his or her own.  

This newer Quaritch is now seeking retribution after remembering what happened to him in the first movie. 

Lang informed the EmpireMagazine, He’s bigger, he’s bluer, he’s pissed off. 

The character is seen in the image standing over the other people in a lab in his new avatar form. 

The business will once more plunder Pandora for more resources, but this time they are paying particular attention to its oceans.

Avatar: The Way of Water is building up to be an action-packed spectacle that spectators have not seen before with the return of the same villains from the first movie and a group of avatar troops prepared for fight.