Actress Kate Winslet and director James Cameron of “Titanic” are collaborating on the Avatar sequel after almost 26 years apart.  

The movie titled Avatar: The Way Of Water is slated to hit theatres on December 16 of this year.  

Since the original movie’s premiere, which more than ten years ago astonished audiences with its blue-skinned aliens, fans have been impatiently awaiting its release. 

Meanwhile, the cover of Empire magazine’s special Avatar edition included Kate Winslet’s first-look poster from the movie.

On the cover, the actress was depicted as having huge eyes and pointed canine fangs.  

In an interview with the magazine, Kate discussed her personality and said, “She is deeply loyal and a fearless leader.

Even in the face of grave danger, and with an unborn baby on board, she still joins her people and fights for what she holds most dear. Her family and their home.

Ronal is shown standing next to Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) in the image as they both look off into the horizon.  

The most recent issue of Empire Magazine portrays Ronal poised for war on Pandora’s oceans alongside the new image. 

Cameron is the director of Avatar: The Way of Water, which has Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaa, CCH Pounder, Kate Winslet, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang among its cast.