With her amazing singing talent, particularly her flawless vocal range, American singer-actress Ariana Grande has amassed enormous popularity all around the world.  

However, the multifaceted artist is currently generating news for her thoughtful act for the kids in Manchester hospitals who were severely affected by the incident on the Manchester Arena that took place in 2017. 

When it was reported that Ariana Grande is still delivering Christmas gifts to the hospitals for children in Manchester, her supporters and admirers were taken aback. 

The singer reportedly had serious anxiety problems and PTSD as a result of the 2017 Manchester bombing 

Since the bombing in Manchester, which resulted in the deaths of 22 people and the injuries of countless others, Ariana Grande has maintained contact with the local hospitals.  

She takes sure to deliver gifts for the young patients in Manchester hospitals every Christmas season along with a donation. 

Ariana Grande continues to give gifts to their paediatric patients, according to the RCMH Charity organisation 

Tanya Hamid, the temporary director of the Manchester Foundation Trust Charity, later posted on her official Instagram account.  

Ariana Grande also arranged the wildly popular “One Love Manchester” event in 2017 to support the victims of the attack at the Manchester Arena that year.  

Ariana garnered a lot of praise from both her admirers and her detractors for displaying courage and poise in front of a crowd that sorely needed it.