On September 20, Apple released iOS 15, the latest iPhone operating system.

The update offers new features and content to the vast majority of iPhones, including many older models.

Here's all you need to know about iOS 15 and its subsequent updates, whether you're intending to buy a new iPhone 13 or keep your older iPhone model.

The new Apple iPhone 13 models will come with iOS 15, but the update will also benefit hundreds of millions of iPhone customers with older handsets.

Your notifications are compiled into a new Notification Summary on the lock screen for a cleaner look. You don't have to be concerned about missing anything.

Apple recognises the importance of video conversations and messaging in today's world, and it has unveiled a slew of new FaceTime and Messages features based on SharePlay.

The iPhone's camera has been upgraded to include a text-scanning capability.

Memories in iOS 15 now includes Apple Music, allowing you to create more engaging, personalised photo and video collages depending on your activity.

The first personal identity document kept in Apple Wallet will be your driver's licence, which will be encrypted and stored in the iPhone's secure region.

There are certain critical security fixes in iOS 15.3 that you might not obtain unless you upgrade to the latest version. ALSO READ : Apple loses its position as the most valuable company as a result of the tech sell-off