Anne Hathaway abandons her Vanity Fair photo shoot and leaves wearing makeup for this surprising reason

Actress Anne Hathaway unexpectedly left a Vanity Fair picture shoot early on Tuesday morning. The actress, still wearing her clothes and makeup, departed the session in the middle. 

Her departure came the same day that the Condé Nast Union planned a one-day picket line for the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). 

We don't quite know why Hathaway departed, but her departure brings a fresh perspective to the ongoing dispute between the media organization and its employees.

A source close to Variety said that the actress from Passengers departed the set early because she learned that SAG-AFTRA members had taken part in a one-day walkout in support of Condé Nast employees who were unionized.

“They hadn’t even started taking photos yet,” a source spoke to the publication. They added, “Once Anne was made aware of what was going on, she just got up from hair and makeup and left.” T 

The Tuesday morning in New York saw the arrival of the Academy Award winner for the shoot. 

 Hathaway withdrew from the production after SAG called her again after actors' union members joined the work stoppage at the publisher's One World Trade Center headquarters. It is still pending official confirmation from the star's end.