Anitta and Warner Records have been engaged in a public dispute over the singer’s request to have her contract terminated for a while now. 

The dispute is now making waves as Anitta has taken to social media to voice her concerns and air her frustrations directly to her fans. 

Anitta took to Instagram stories on March 8 to repost the Warner Records’ International Women’s Day post that made use of her image.  

“Communication at Warner is so good that they posting me on a HAPPY women’s day looping post even tho I had to go public to ask for the ‘woman respect’ that this date represents."

"Using on the background the song they said it would never break without a feature cuz I wasn’t strong enough for that."

"On this women’s day, instead of a cute post I would love to have the CEO doing what he promised me a month ago, "

"After I asked how much is it to finish the contract and he said THAT WOULDN’T HAPPEN, 

"respect ME, the young women, giving at least a little real importance to the fair honest and respectful talk I asked had with you" 

"I did say that I already accepted the sad unfair fact that I’m the major investor here and asked the label to just do the simple job they were supposed to: PROMOTE MY MUSIC"