Andy Serkis, who starred in The Lord of the Rings is no stranger to Star Wars

In the sequel trilogy, he provided the performance capture and vocal work for Supreme Leader Snoke.

But it’s safe to assume that position is now being superseded by his surprising appearance in Andor’s eighth episode.  

Serkis portrays the ethically confused prison work foreman Kino Loy 

who must decide whether to take part in Cassian Andor’s escape scheme or peacefully serve out the remainder of his sentence. 

Loy has sided with Cassian as a result of last week’s revelations regarding the jail’s true nature, and we’re really hoping he survives tomorrow’s prison break episode. 

Though we’re hopeful the Andor character stays around to join the Rebellion, Serkis recently emphasised that, contrary to the typical fan theories.

People like Kino Loy who can get things done and have people management skills are needed in the struggle against the Empire. 

Serkis discussed his comeback to Star Wars and his admiration for Tony Gilroy’s Rogue One in an interview with Collider.  

He further explained, “But as soon as I talked to Tony Gilro and as I say, I was such a big fan of Rogue One, and we talked about the part.