Andor Star Provides A Fantastic Update Regarding The Season 2 Release Date  

An update on the anticipated release date for season 2 was just provided by one of Andor's stars, and it might happen sooner than anticipated.  

The first genuinely mature TV series in the Star Wars canon, Andor, narrates Cassian Andor's prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.   

Andor season 2 has been greatly anticipated after the first season's enormous popularity among fans, yet its release date has been unknown due to a number of delays that have occurred since the Hollywood strikes.  

But now, one celebrity has clarified when fans may anticipate season 2.  

The actor who plays Luthen Rael, Stellan Skarsgård, recently told Games Radar that season 2 of Andor would debut by year's end.   

According to the actor, "[i]t will probably be out towards the end of the year or early next."   

Season 2 will lead straight into the events of Rogue One, confirming what else is previously known, and will therefore be the show's final season, according to Skarsgård.   

The recent rumors said that Andor season 2 will not air until at least 2025, thus this is an interesting development.  

The second season of Andor was supposed to premiere in 2024, but with only two weeks remaining in production, the Hollywood strikes caused a delay. It was thought that Andor wouldn't return until at least 2025 because it wasn't listed among Disney's 2024 Star Wars television series that were announced in December 2023.