Elizabeth Henstridge, an actor known for her role as Jemma Simmons in the popular TV show Agents of SHIELD 

This new show, which has no connection to the Arrowverse or the video game of the same name, is set to premiere on March 14 on The CW network.   

It follows the children of some of Batman’s most iconic foes as they try to protect Gotham City after the death of Bruce Wayne.   

The show is being hailed as one of the few new DC series to premiere on The CW this spring.  

Elizabeth Henstridge, who is known for her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe show Agents of SHIELD  

Henstridge, who has previously directed an episode of Superman & Lois, will be directing episode 10 of the show.  

No specific premiere date has been announced for this episode yet. This news was announced by Natalie Abrams, one of the show’s creators and co-executive producers 

Even while it doesn’t borrow from the video game, Gotham Knights’ premise—that it will follow the next generation of heroes—is comparable.   

While Turner is a unique character for the show, Gotham Knights will also feature a number of DC Comics characters who are falsely accused. Stephanie Brown 

Mobster Tony (Lorraine Bracco) gets a panic attack and is sent to the psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi, as written and directed by the series creator David Chase.