Amber Heard is in Spain not for a holiday but to escape Hollywood. After the Johnny Depp case ended, the Aquaman performer maintained it low, except when she gave the discussions. 

She hasn’t been involved on social media, as well. However, the actress did a tour of Israel before this. 

Now, Heard has journeyed across the Atlantic to the European nation.  

She is there with her daughter Oonagh and her apparent girlfriend Bianca Butti. Reports indicated that she is holding a gala time with her daughter and the residents appear to like her. 

However, cybernauts criticized her for holidaying while having no cash to pay Depp the injuries she owes. 

Now, another report indicates that Amber Heard is in Spain as she no longer desires to stay in Hollywood.  

We all understand that she has received massive hate from Johnny Depp lovers.  

A per source has argued that Amber Heard learns she’s toast in Hollywood since Johnny Depp’s got the multiple decisive players lining up to cast him and the prevalence of A-listers firmly on his flank.  

By moving someplace like Spain, she wishes to reinvent herself, leave her cash woes back, and start new with her daughter. 

However, these are merely rumors. Meanwhile, it was earlier proclaimed that Amber employed an alias to rent the home in Spain.