Vertical Entertainment put out a new teaser for Alone Together, a forthcoming rom-com written and directed by and starring Katie Holmes.

The movie centres on a lady who finds herself alone in an AirBNB with a complete stranger as the pandemics drive everyone into hiding.

The new teaser shows June (Holmes), a young lady who feels imprisoned by her daily commitments.

The trailer shows June and her boyfriend, John, having fun together (Derek Luke). But Holmes' narrative talks about the stress of living up to everyone else's expectations.

Since June had planned a romantic holiday with John, the pandemics put her in a difficult predicament. Instead, she is compelled to share an AirBnB that was double-booked with a complete stranger, Charlie.

June and Charlie progressively begin to rely on one another while away from their family and friends to gain the support they need to handle lockdown.

They quickly start to fall in love, as the new clip demonstrates. Unfortunately, that also requires June to reconsider her entire life and decide if she really wants to see her lover again.

After directing her debut film All We Had, Holmes now directs Alone Together.

Alone Together, a romantic comedy, also represents a first in Holmes's creative career.

The Flight Attendant's Zosia Mamet, The Marvelous Ms. Maisel's Luke Kirby, and Melissa Leo are all part of the Alone Together cast (Frozen River).