A Humble New York Life

Scott continues to live a modest life in New York despite having saved the world on a few occasions. People approach him as he strolls down the street wearing his regular attire and ask for his autograph.

Employee of the Month

Scott is named "Employee of the Century" at Baskin-Robbins, the ice cream shop where he attempted to find employment after coming out of jail, proving that being an Avenger has its advantages.

Hope Gets Recognized

In the trailer, Scott and Hope are also at a posh gala dinner. But it doesn't seem to be connected to their superhero work.

Cassie the Genius

The brand-new trailer demonstrates Cassie's prowess as an inventor who can create amazing devices. She also intends to explore the Quantum Realm in accordance with family tradition.

Quantum Beacon

The Quantum Beacon Cassie created in the video allows submolecular entities to communicate with the heroes by sending signals to the Quantum Realm.

Janet Predicts Trouble

When Janet claims that Cassie's innovation is bad news because she spent decades within the Quantum Realm, everyone should just accept her.

Father-Daughter Time

It appears that Scott and Cassie will spend some time alone while they are separated, exploring the strange and shattered scenery of the Quantum Realm.

Who Are These Guys?

The Quantum Realm has its own colourful array of individuals while having a relatively generic appearance.

Hey Kang, What Ya Doing?

We see Kang the Conqueror briefly turning on an odd-looking gadget while dressed in his comic-accurate attire.