This flawed but amusing comedy-drama from writer-director Cooper Raiff, who also stars, stars Johnson and newcomer Vanessa Burghardt.

This endearing, flawed indie has riled up some critics – and yes, perhaps the auteur-star has a personality that could cause hives to break out in a segment of his fans.

Cooper Raiff, 25, is a 25-year-old filmmaker whose microbudget debut Freshman Year (alternatively dubbed Shithouse) was a study in semi-articulate anxiety in the Duplass brothers' style.

Now he delivers us this opulent romantic comedy-drama in which he plays Andrew, a fresh college graduate whose fiancée has mysteriously disappeared to Barcelona.

Andrew must return to live with his unstable mother (Leslie Mann) and stepfather Greg because he lacks the cash (or a clear invitation) to join her (Brad Garrett),

sharing a room with his younger brother David (Evan Assante), taking a demeaning job in a fast food restaurant, and dealing with a growing alcohol addiction

Going to a batmitzvah with David, though, he realises he has a gregarious aptitude for being a professional "party-starter," urging hesitant teen attendees to join in on the dancing.

Andrew, who is lonely, is drawn to them and they to him; he volunteers to watch Lola, who is smitten with him, and Andrew quickly falls deeply in love with Domino.