Amanda (Sandra Oh), who has an odd allergy to electronics and electricity, lives quietly on an American farm with her daughter Chris (Fivel Stewart), growing and selling local fruit.

When the ashes of her estranged mother, Umma (MeeWha Alana Lee), arrive from Korea, her peaceful life is upended.

Her uncle's (Tom Yi) delivery of the news reminds her of her violent childhood, and she is haunted by the fear of becoming her own mother.

Release Date in US 18 March 2022 Release Date in India 24 May 2022

The film stars Sandra Oh as Amanda and is set on a stretch of American countryside that looks to be in the middle of nowhere.

a first-generation Korean-American woman who lives with her homeschooled teenager daughter Chrissy (Fivel Stewart) and supports them both by keeping bees and selling organic honey to online trendsetters with the help of a kind local shopkeeper (Dermot Mulroney).

If it wasn't enough to separate them from the rest of the world,

In many aspects, "Umma" is an intriguing and ambitious drama that is eager to tackle a wide range of serious issues, from assimilation's dark side to parent-child interactions.