In response to the slanderous remarks and edited images made against the actress, Go Yoon Jung’s MAA Entertainment issued a formal statement.  

On January 5th, the organisation issued a formal statement saying, “First of all, thank you to the fans who support and love our artist Go Yoon Jung.  

They added, “We inform you that we will take strong legal action against defamatory acts such as posting false information.  

We will continue to do our best to protect our artists. Thank you again to everyone who always supports and cherishes me.” 

Go Yoon Jung’s graduation album images have previously been fraudulently altered and shared online. 

Even if the original version was made available separately and the fact that malicious editing had taken place was made known, Go Yoon Jung is still the target of slander and other attacks.  

“Hello, this is MAA. First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to the fans who support and love our artist Go Yoon Jung.  

Go Yoon Jung’s middle school graduation picture was shared on a website community on January 4.  

The writer said, “A younger friend I know went to the same school as Go Yoon Jung, and this is the original graduation photo.  

He also provided the comparative image at that time, saying, “That person compared the strangely edited photo with the original I have and attached it.”