God of War Ragnarok continues the tradition of its predecessor by creating a richly immersive fantasy story, which has people wondering if there will be a follow-up to continue the tales of Kratos, Atreus, and the other gods.

God of War Ragnarok has a more subdued, nuanced ending to unpack than 2018's God of War, which was particularly clear that there would be a sequel. Having said that, there is surely opportunity for a God of War Ragnarok sequel in the future.

God of War Ragnarok's main story can be completed in about 27–30 hours, depending on how quickly players want to learn what happens to Kratos and Atreus.

When the task is finished, they discover that Atreus told Kratos that he must find the last of the land's giants on his own. With his father's approval, he then boldly goes on to his next adventure.

A second prophecy that predicts Kratos' return to worship as the God of War has led him to learn more about his own life's journey. As the scene disappears into the snow, he also notices a path ahead and looks off into the distance.

God of War Ragnarok's uncertain conclusion offers the ideal opportunity for a more substantial follow-up. While Kratos searches for forgiveness for himself, various mythologies and pantheons may be explored in the God of War games.

Atreus, meanwhile, would undoubtedly face his own difficulties as he worked to reunite the wandering giants. A follow-up to God of War Ragnarok that focuses on one (or both) of their journeys would be beneficial for the God of War series.

However, concentrating on one character at a time might lead to some intriguing story possibilities for a God of War Ragnarok sequel.

Atreus appears to be travelling with Angrboda, and Kratos is seen travelling with Freya and Mimir. Both routes would offer an exciting adventure and more than enough story material for a stand-alone follow-up to God of War Ragnarok.