Kylie Jenner updated her TikTok followers on her post-partum journey on Thursday.

PThe KUWTK star has been open about her difficulties throughout her second pregnancy with her son.

The cosmetics mogul has two children with Travis Scott, who has once again been chastised over the fatal accident at his Astroworld event.

The 24-year-old millionaire lip-synced a clip from her reality program Life of Kylie to her own voice.

Jenner opened up about her situation in a humorous film three months after giving birth to her baby on February 22. 

Jenner said in the video, “I’m getting my personality back, though.” ‘Like, I’m feeling like myself again,” she said, ‘I wasn’t myself at all.” 

Kylie added some meaning to her video in the description, writing, “when your postpartum hormones start to level out,” followed by a pair of laughing emojis. 

while others praised the young mother for sharing her portion of the experience online, as one wrote: “Postpartum depression is a rollercoaster ride. I’m glad you’re doing well now.” 

Kylie previously described to her Instagram fans how she was struggling after giving birth, saying, “It’s not easy, psychologically, physically, spiritually, it’s just insane.” 

Kylie also offered support to other mothers going through postpartum depression “I just keep reminding myself that I created a whole human being, a lovely, healthy boy. Stop placing so much strain on ourselves.”

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