Adam Sandler is currently discussing whether or not he will ever be a part of a major film franchise like Marvel, DC, or Star Wars. 

The veteran comedian recently gained notoriety for producing Netflix original films and continuing to blend in more serious parts.  

He has contributed to the beginning of two new franchises, Hotel Transylvania and Grown Ups, but he has never worked on a significant piece of IP. 

Adam Sandler’s forthcoming ventures don’t include his joining a well-established film franchise; rather, they involve fresh partnerships with the Safdie brothers and a Netflix sci-fi drama. 

Hustle actor Adam Sandler was questioned about not having a significant franchise on his résumé during a recent interview with Josh Horowitz for the Happy Sad Confused Podcast.  

Horowitz wondered if he had thought of joining Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or another significant film franchise. 

Despite being a fan of those kinds of movies, Sandler said that he has never given it any thought. 

James Gunn had already refuted Sandler’s claim that he was never asked by Marvel to play Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy.  

Adam Sandler has numerous opportunities to join one of Hollywood’s most well-known film franchises.  

The Fast & Furious franchise may be the ideal fit for the actor because playing a regular human might appeal more to him than a superhero.