Ashley Olsen, a former television star who is now a major player in the fashion industry, wed the artist Louis Eisner last week on December 29 at their Bel-Air residence in a small ceremony. 

A total of 50 or so people were allowed to attend the wedding. 

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are without a doubt two of the most secretive actresses in the industry. 

After all, when they were chosen for the Full House movie, they had only been living for six months.  

They have essentially broadcast their entire existence and youth on television, from their first steps to their first kisses.  

The 33-year-old Olsen twins, who gave up acting in their early adult years, now lead highly private lives, abstaining from social media.

They have effectively developed a thriving profession in fashion while avoiding media attention for their romantic affairs. 

Louis and Ashley apparently began dating in 2017 after years of friendship.  

They apparently met through pals from high school and have kept their relationship mainly under wraps ever since. 

Few and far between sightings of them as a pair due to their cloistered relationship and constant avoidance of the cameras.