Following the completion of the first episode, DC villain Joseph Morgan of Titans season 4 teases how Sebastian Sanger will significantly impact the heroes in part 2. 

Titans season 4 part 1 has concluded as of this week, with Sebastian ultimately falling into the Church of Blood’s hands.  

Sebastian attempted to reject his destiny as Brother Blood, but in the midseason finale, he fell into the supernatural cult to protect his new superhero allies, leaving his future in suspense. 

Morgan recently spoke with Screen Rant about the Brother Blood arc that will appear in Titans season 4 part 2.  

The Originals actor claims that Sebastian began as their buddy, which undoubtedly complicates matters.  

The Titans team of heroes has encountered many DC Universe villains throughout previous seasons. 

Brother Blood is swiftly becoming one of the better antagonists for the DC TV drama, ranking among the demonic Trigon and Deathstroke, Red Hood, and Scarecrow.  

Because Raven and Sebastian have been proven to be half-siblings, the creative team has been able to use the familial ties between them, just like Trigon did.  

Since Rachel’s biological parents were revealed to be evil forces during Titans season 1, this helped to forge a really strong family tie for her. 

However, Titans season 4 part 2 has a far more exciting task at hand by also introducing Sebastian as someone who joined the team as an ally.