Dwayne Johnson, the star of Black Adam, claims that Henry Cavill’s Superman is crucial to the expansion of the DC Universe.  

Cavill made a comeback to the DCUin the Black Adam film as his interpretation of Superman after being absent from the franchise since 2017.  

Although it was last-minute, the British actor dressed as the Man of Steel for a quick but important post-credits sequence where he met Johnson’s antihero.  

However, as Cavill himself stated, it was simply a preview of what was to come for his interpretation of the DC icon. 

Johnson posted a special video message on Twitter this week concerning the future of his brand following the surprise digital release of Black Adam. 

Johnson praised Cavill’s Superman while avoiding any spoilers or suggestions as to what would happen in the future.  

As there was a heated debate over Superman’s participation in the movie, the Black Adam actor made it clear that Cavill’s portrayal of the character is crucial to developing the larger DC Universe.

With 2013’s Man of Steel, Cavill’s Superman served as the DCU’s starting point, but following 2017’s Justice League, the series has continued without him. 

Superman has been severely underappreciated for years, even to the point of not having the lead in a solo movie since 2013.

Superman has always been the center of attention in any representation of the DC Universe, whether it be in comic books or other forms of media.