According to a new report, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is in the running to play James Bond.  

Following Daniel Craig’s departure from the role of Bond after five films in 2021, discussions about who will play the next Bond have been rife with rumour and speculation.  

Various British actors, including Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, and Henry Cavill, have been mentioned in these discussions.

It has now been confirmed that these rumours are true, as Taylor-Johnson has reportedly met with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli to discuss the role. 

According to Puck News, Taylor-meeting Johnson’s with Broccoli went very well. 

However, little else was confirmed in terms of who else might be in the running, or what Taylor-next Johnson’s steps would be to secure the role. 

With Craig having only recently left the role, it previously appeared that the Bond producers were not in a hurry to fill his shoes and were instead focused on finding the best person for the job. 

Details about what this new generation of Bond will bring to audiences are scarce, as casting the actor is likely to be the first step in determining what’s next for 007. 

Broccoli has previously stated that they want to make Bond 26 a “reinvention of Bond,” which is likely to be the deciding factor in which actor gets the role.  

The Bond producers previously stated that Bond 26 will begin production around 2024, implying that audiences should not expect it to hit theatres until at least 2025.